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An ESS and a Perisan cat

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Cheryl89, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Cheryl89

    Jun 24, 2013
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    Calling all dog owners who have cats...or people who know what to do.

    I'm racking my brains trying to think of the best thing to stop my dog Engel trying to charge for my cat Bugsy. Basically before Bugsy we had a cat called Poppy who has gone to a new loving home in Chelmsford due to the fights between them both. Engel was actually quite scared of Poppy and used to yelp and run away because Poppy would attack her, but not lightly attack I mean full blown viciously attack (but mind you my dog would also encourage it by running over to her and trying to get above her all the time and giving her chase) so hisses, fights and furr falling out occured over 2 months until a lovely couple offered to take her to their quiet home as they was looking for a beautiful tabby who was older and more indoorsy.

    Once Poppy had been rehomed everything settled down we knew we wanted another cat but had to be 100% sure that this new cat loved dogs/or wasn't bothered by them - then Bugsy came into the picture. Engel instantly assumed she was like Poppy and was constantly on guard and kept trying to bite her neck and put her paw on Bugsy really aggressively. Bugsy doesn't even move, flinch, growl, hiss - absolutely nothing as she was brought up with dogs all her life (she's 4 years young) and totally, totally chilled out. Is it because of Poppy why my dog is always chasing Bugsy? My dog will run to Bugsy but bugsy just sits still and doesnt move then my dogs eyes go really wide as if she's about to kill her :( and she towers over her ready to attack her but bugsy just stays still. It's beginning to get to the point where Bugsy is now getting scared of my dog and trotting off scared because my dog won't/can't leave her alone!!!!!!!!! (She's an english springer spaniel so she's absolutely mad anyway)

    Advice please? What's a good way to get them friendly with each other and yes I know it takes time, but ideally I'd love Bugsy to be able to walk in a room without my dog going for her and without Bugsy running off? We've introduced them very slowly so Engel knows Bugsy is about but Engel will stare at the hallway for around an hour waiting for Bugsy to come in..it's such strange behavior! x
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