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American Express Promotion - How i've saved £££'s on Pet Supplies!

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by Dgm, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Dgm

    Dgm PetForums Junior

    Dec 30, 2011
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    Not sure how many of you might have an American Express, however if you do then you may want to check out this promotion for various reasons, not just to save money on your pussy cats!

    American Express are currently running a promotion called Shop Small. The principle is simple. You register your Amex card to be included in the promotion, you then spend a minimum of £5 at any of the participating retailers and are credited with £5 back, simples!

    Full T&C's and details on how to register can be found at Shop Small - American Express UK

    For shrewd ones amongst you will now be wondering if that means you can spend £5.01 and Amex will give you the £5 back. The answer is YES. Essentially meaning your shopping cost only 1p!

    Where do the cats come in?

    Lots of smaller pet stores, particularly in Central London are participating and you can easily find out by putting in the postcode to the search on the above link. I have now visited all Pet Pavilion branches, PurpleBone, The Mutz Nutz and Grand Union Pets. collecting £60 of free cat food along the way! (I have two Amex cards).

    This is a great deal and is on at so many stores, i've had free breakfasts, coffee's, lunches, normal shopping. I could go on.

    It's worth checking out guys and if you feel like it will work for you then give it a go!

    Happy shopping and money saving at a tight time of the year!
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