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Aluminium contacts

Discussion in 'Dog Agility and Flyball' started by Jillity, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Jillity

    Jillity PetForums Newbie

    Jun 6, 2016
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    I don't know if anyone else has found this but my dog really isn't very keen on aluminium contacts. The see-saw doesn't feel the same as a wooden one and it doesn't tip the same. This is leading to her losing confidence in the agility ring although she's fine jumping.
    At one point a couple of months ago she became so frightened of the seesaw that I had to spend a long time patiently training her to go back on it. first with nose touches, then with simple see-saw games and finally doing the whole thing. She eventually became more confident and went on to win an agility class but the following week she suddenly went back to being fearful. Has anyone else had this problem with equipment and if so how did you get over it?
  2. CaoineagWhippets

    CaoineagWhippets PetForums Newbie

    Jun 8, 2016
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    My boy doesn't really mind the difference of wooden or Ali but he does need the Ali one sandbagged at the bottom, he hits it with such force that as he reaches the middle, the frame on the back end lifts up a little and really freaks him out. I went back to basics of holding the drop side and lowering it slowly, once comfortable I went on to tipping it for him as he reached the middle. it takes that "moment of suspension" out of it. Now hes back to whizzing over it.

    In classes we do normally have one really slow go over it (so he remembers what it does) and then hes fine. although he is worse if he does dog walk first as I think he forgets the seesaw tips. Ive just recently bought a ali seesaw for my garden so that we can practice extra on (although still waiting for it to arrive)
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