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Alternative food to try?

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by Kirstd78, Jan 25, 2021.

  1. Kirstd78

    Kirstd78 PetForums Member

    Jan 12, 2021
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    Hi Everyone! We recently adopted 2 rescue cats, a 7 month old boy and his 3 yr old mummy. I've managed to transition them off the felix pouches and kibble they came on, and they are both currently happily eating a tetrapak of Bozita chicken in jelly a day and the little boy LOVES raw eg chicken thighs, minced steak, sardines etc...I know its not complete so currently its only supplementing his diet so I've done some reading on here and I've ordered some felini complete. Mum seems to take or leave raw and has a petite ladylike appetite!

    I would still like them to eat a prepared catfood though for ease and if and when we leave them overnight, so can anyone recommend something else similar to the bozita in jelly? We're new to cats so have no experience and you lot are so knowledgeable x
  2. chillminx

    chillminx PetForums VIP

    Nov 22, 2010
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    Miamor Ragout Royale in Jelly is similar to Bozita, but Zooplus only has the gravy recipe at present, hopefully the jelly version is one they will re-stock in February. It is very popular.

    The Ragout Royale in jelly for Kittens is sold on Amazon. It's more expensive than Zooplus but there is free delivery.


    There is also Concept for Life in jelly, which Z/Plus has in stock:


    As they only seem to have the "Light" (calorie reduced) in stock in the adult version, I would feed mum cat the kitten recipe.


    There is a very low budget tinned food called Butchers Classic cat food, which comes in jelly. It is not popular with many cats, (e.g. none of the Shelter cats would eat it) but some cats seem to like it OK.


    Stockists include Morrison's and Pets at Home.
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