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alien-species make the simplest things, **complex!**

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by leashedForLife, May 14, 2010.

  1. leashedForLife

    Nov 1, 2009
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    Progress will spread an invasive species « Retrieverman's Weblog

    in the steep terrain of West-VA, with such a long history of mining, CLEAN safe drinking-water is a very real concern -
    an invasive plant that propogates readily in established forests (needing no soil disturbance to help it flourish)
    is threatening to spread widely, because the State-legislature can;t seem to get off their collective-arse and MAKE
    the contractors / subcontractors in this (or any other) job, WASH * THEIR * VEHICLES and equipment, before moving them
    to another site. :mad: this is not that incredibly-demanding a task -

    i hope they get the legislation written, passed, and enforced, before half the state is coal-mine slag-heaps,
    and the rest is garlic-mustard stands. :thumbdown: slow as molasses in January - jeez, fellas, MOVE it.

    2 or 3 years ago, ALL of the nursery-plants sold + shipped between locations were under mandatory-inspection,
    to prevent introducing FIRE-ANTS to new areas.

    then there was the #$!%&$ mystery, Hah! of the quarry on private-land, owned by a dive-club, that was invaded
    and heavily-colonized by Asian Zebra Mussels - which are costing every state that borders the Great Lakes MILLIONS
    if not BILLIONS of dollars, every year. water-clarity and visibility improved hundredfold in the quarry -
    as the Zebra-mussels strained all the algae from the water. but in so doing, they STARVE other native-species.

    now, if U were a master-diver teaching scuba to a novice, wouldn;t it be nice to have crystal-clear water to do that in? :rolleyes:
    BOATERS are supposed to *hose-off* BOATS + drain BILGES before trailering their boats - many can;t be arsed. :thumbdown:

    then there are the new-microbes introduced by Asian Giant Worms, used as fish-bait - unlike NIGHTCRAWLERS,
    themselves an invasive-species from Europe brought to North America, they do not require a chill-box to stay alive -
    and one worm cut-up can be bait for a day of fishing. BUT the leftovers are dropped on stream-banks, beaches, etc,
    all over the USA + Canada - inevitably there will be something nasty that comes out of this new-arrival.

    i spoke too soon - i went looking for the articles on microbiology worries and found this -
    North Alabama residents find giant Asian worms appearing more frequently | Breaking News from The Birmingham News - al.com
    Asian-hammerhead-worms are already breeding in Alabama freely, and they EAT common-earthworms,
    which are the already-beleaguered native species here, found only South of the glacial-moraine of the last Ice-Age. :(
    that begins in the West-Va / Maryland area - Penna, NY, NJ, etc, have NO native earthworms, they are all aliens.

    bummer! another one... :eek:
    --- terry
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