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Aggressive dog

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by BOBWILDERS, Jun 8, 2010.


    BOBWILDERS PetForums Newbie

    Jun 8, 2010
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    I have a 5year old labrador who use to be the softest dog you could ever meet. Whenever he approached another dog he would always go on his back and be submissive. Unfortunately a year ago an alsatian pinned him to the ground and started biting him. Since this incident he has got gradually more and more aggressive towards other dogs he meets. Some dogs he still plays with, but with others he automatically goes to bite them on their face/neck. He stops instantly once we tell him to stop. He is a fairly well trained dog (sit, stay, down etc) and he is walked off the lead on open fields near where we live (he has also tried to bite dogs even when he is on the lead). I am very worried about this problem and wish to stop it before it gets even worse. I would appreciate any help or advice anybody can give. Many thanks.
  2. London Dogwalker

    London Dogwalker PetForums Senior

    Oct 27, 2009
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    Is your dog insured? :) If so it's really best to seek a behaviourist as you can claim it back through your insurance. If you can afford one anyway then that's the thing to do, giving advice online for aggression is dicey at best.

    But, say your dog is now motivated through fear, he's scared of other dog's approaching so is responding in the only way he knows will get a result - aggression. It's fight or flight, if he barks at lunges at the scary thing and the scary thing goes away it's done it's job, if he can't get away from the scary thing then he'll turn aggressive.

    Walks with dogs that he knows and is happy with would be a good start to build up his trust in other dogs, obviously keep an eye on them at all times, as it may be that he's misinterpreting signals and you don't want any accidents.

    Any dogs approaching he doesn't know then back on lead for now until you can be sure of his response, try not to tense up and show that you're worried as the dog does feel it. Pack treats for him - give to him if there's a dog in the distance as it'll distract him, dogs can spend too long fixating on objects in the distance and this acts as a positive distraction, and pack chocolate for you to keep you happy. ;):D

    Is he neutered?

    A good book you might want to have a read of is Fight by Jean Donaldson. Fight!: A Practical Guide to the Treatment of Dog-dog Aggression: Amazon.co.uk: Jean Donaldson: Books
  3. Montys_Mum

    Montys_Mum PetForums Member

    Jun 4, 2010
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    Treat him when he sees other dogs? Maybe then he'd associate other dogs with nice things rather than scary things.

    Agree with previous poster and keeping on lead and working him with known 'safe' dogs.

    Good luck!
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