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Agama care tips :D

Discussion in 'Lizards' started by LauM, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. LauM

    LauM PetForums Junior

    Aug 22, 2010
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    We bought our baby Toad Headed Agama a few days ago and just want to make sure we're doing everything right.

    Before we got him he'd been eating locusts dusted in calcium and mealworms twice a day, the previous owner also said he's not very active. We'd already read online that mealworms should only be given as a occasional treat so we took that out of his diet and he became much more active pretty much straight away so we think he was just a bit sluggish. We have tried to introduce vegetables and salad to his diet but he is yet to eat any of it. Anyone know of how I could get him to eat it?

    He is only small at the moment (about the size of the palm of my hand, not including fingers) and his viv that he came with is small, only 2ftx1x1 but we're currently having another viv twice the size custom made. He has a heat mat, a light, a basking stone, a cave, a few logs, some stones and a lot of greenery at the moment, is all this okay? The floor of his tank is also lined with children's play sand and his tank is at 60 in the cooler end and 75 in the other end, is this okay?

    We've also read that Agama lizards like to be kept in groups. Would we be able to keep a different type of Agama with him? Or would it have to be another Toad Headed Agama? We also know that it couldn't be another male. But could be up to two more females.

    Also, his name is Kamael
    Any help and advice would be appreciated, Thanks
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