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Advise needed reg. changing of behaviour

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by Calithiliel, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. Calithiliel

    Calithiliel PetForums Newbie

    Oct 14, 2020
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    Good evening people. I have a wee 5 mo. female kitten. Me and my partner moved house about a month ago. Before we move she was very close with my partner. 2 weeks after we moved house she was sitting at the window and a street cat attacked the window which gave her a big fright. At that time my partner was in the flat and ever since that day she is scared of him. Whenever he tries to pet her she just runs and hides and won’t even eat treats or food from him. Now it’s more than a month after that incident but there’s no improvement she even started hissing at him. I tried Felliway just in case but I saw no difference. She doesn’t act like that with me at all. Truth be told, I don’t know what to do because obviously she is stressed around him for some reason, and he is sad because she won’t go near him anymore. Sorry for the long post
  2. OrientalSlave

    OrientalSlave Shunra Oriental Cats

    Jan 26, 2012
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    Although it wasn't him who attacked her she has confused him with the attacker. Although it's not what he wants to do, he needs to ignore her in terms of looking at her, trying to pick her up and so on. However I'd suggest that as much as possible he feeds her, and tries playing with 'remote' toys with her - fishing rod toys for example - so she can start associating him with good thing. I also hope she is spayed or about to be. Not that it will affect this problem, but she will be close to sexual maturity.
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