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Hi there.
I think it now that you are moving would be an ideal time to introduce him to the outside world.
Firstly when you move house keep him in for a couple of weeks and now that the summer is here i would buy a harness with a lead ( you can get them from any pet shop and they are more comfortable for them then just a collar where they can pull and escape!!)and take him out twice a day around your garden, letting him have a good look and sniff round. After a couple of weeks of this you can then let him out while your in the garden to keep an eye on him. All the while talking to him and not letting him go too far.
Best to let him do this when you have the weekend off. Each time he comes back after you call him give him a treat. This does wonders!!:)
Also best to have a few rules Such as keeping him in at night.
I have just adopted a one year old and i have recently done this. He use to jump over the fences but each time i would get him back!!
We have just got him to use a cat flap now he knows the garden but we lock it at night so he can't go out.

Hope this helps!:D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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