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Advice needed please!

Discussion in 'Lost and Found Cats' started by Beca270, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. Beca270

    Beca270 PetForums Newbie

    Nov 12, 2016
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    My name is Beca and I have a sticky situation which I don't know what to do about it.

    My cat went missing he was a stray and likes to go wondering, I got a message from a woman yesterday after I posted something on facebook about the whole situation saying that my cat is her cat.

    Just some background information about our cat Angus, he was a stray and was living in our garage from November 2012 til the 30th April 2013 when we finally brought him inside. He was in terrible shape he had matt balls in his fur, awful eyes that were glued shut with gunk, he was very aggressive and he bit me when I went near him. The next day we took him to the vets to see if he was chipped and to find out more about him. He was not chipped and was around 3 years old, the vet gave us the option of getting him chipped and neutered by the RSPCA if we agreed to look after him, we did agree. A couple months later he had to have an operation on his eyes because if he didn't he would be blind within 6 months, this operation cost a lot of money.
    After all of this we looked after him, feed him and loved him, he made himself at home and became more comfortable around everyone, within a year he had turned from a cat who bit me, to a cat who would allow anyone to pick him up.

    The woman on the phone was very hostile and has said that he was with her all summer which is untrue because he was in a cattery for 3 weeks within the summer and was at home for the rest.

    I called the RSPCA earlier today to explain our situation and they said that because our address in on the chip that legally makes that cat ours, I explained this to the woman but she is still refusing to give our cat back.

    what should I do?
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