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Advice for which location to settle my Romanian rescue dog

Discussion in 'Dog Rescue and Adoption' started by RosaTee, Mar 11, 2021.

  1. RosaTee

    RosaTee PetForums Newbie

    Mar 11, 2021
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    I would love some advice here. I am fostering (with the view to adopt) a rescue dog from Romania who is due to arrive to the UK in 2 weeks. Now I had my home-check already and I told the shelter that I don't have direct garden access, I live in a flat and I only have a communal garden, they were fine with that, and said they have re-homed into flats before - I do have a small balcony I could lay out some turf for toilet training, and the dog I chose is one of the more confident ones that are friendly with people so they didn't anticipate lead training to be too challenging.
    Nonetheless I have had some anxiety over the adjustment period, and I have since found out that my neighbour (3 roads over) has sold his garden flat, and he is looking to rent it out for very cheap until the sale completes (he can guarantee until at least the end of April, which would be one month from when my dog arrives).
    I went and checked it out and it's perfect for a dog - he actually has a dog himself too so he's made it completely pet friendly, all hardwood floors, a medium sized garden that has high (8 feet fencing) all around. He's happy to rent it to me for a very reasonable / cheap rent for the month of April and I'm very tempted to take it, but I also have some worries:
    What if the dog likes it so much that he would be sad if we left after a month? What if he gets used to having a garden flat and then finds it hard to adjust and cope without a garden and feels too cooped up when we move to my permanent home?

    I guess I could introduce him onto my permanent home slowly (as it's only 3 roads over) and gradually get him used to it so we can transition there smoothly, by visiting several times first, spending some hours there and keep increasing the time - but I do just still worry about the dog going from having a nice garden to not having one. Would it be easier for the dog to be at my own flat from day 1?

    All thoughts and advice are so appreciated, thank you!
  2. Linda Weasel

    Linda Weasel PetForums VIP

    Mar 5, 2014
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    I would say start as you mean to go on. An extra move in so short a time, I think, would be extra unsettling for your dog, who will need routine and stability.
  3. McKenzie

    McKenzie PetForums VIP

    Nov 22, 2010
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    I agree with this. After a month your dog will just be starting to settle so a big house move would not be a good thing IMO. Start at your house - your dog won't know anything different.
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