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Advice for my kakariki laying eggs?

Discussion in 'Bird Health and Nutrition' started by ryerye22, May 27, 2020.

  1. ryerye22

    ryerye22 PetForums Newbie

    May 27, 2020
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    Hi all! I just wanted to make an account and a post in hopes of getting some advice on how to help my kakariki - Clementine - while she lays her eggs. I admit I wasn't expecting it (my last bird was male and I think eggs just went right over my head), so when she first started I was a bit terrified, I thought she was sick... She's a completely healthy bird, and there's no male in the house for the eggs to be fertilised, she turned one year old this April, and it's her first time, so I want to make sure I can make it as comfortable as possible. I was just hoping for some general advice and maybe some answers to these questions?

    - Can I help her at all? Should I make some sort of nest, or will she completely ignore it? Her last two eggs were just done on the floor of her cage and she didn't make much fuss, but is there any way for me to help her through the process, maybe some softer flooring, new perches or changes to her diet?

    - How long will this last? I read online that she'll lay around 6-13 eggs in the span of 2 weeks (not sure if this is the same for unfertilised/fertilised eggs), but how long is the time between one two weeks of eggs and the next? I'd think it'd be similar to a human ovulation cycle, so it'd be a monthly thing, but I'm unsure.

    - Should I do anything with the eggs? I've been throwing out the ones she's already laid, but should I just leave them? She doesn't seem all that protective of them, so I'm guessing not.

    - What about exercise? She seems a bit tuckered out after laying an egg, and usually rests for a few minutes before getting back to her usual, but should I let her out more often during this time or less?

    That's it! I just want to make sure my bird's happy and healthy, thank you for any responses, any help is greatly appreciated! I'm basically completely lost in this forum - I don't exactly plan on coming back though - so if I've made a mistake I'm super sorry! Thank you from me and Clementine! :)
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