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Advice for kittens new mummy.!

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by princessx87, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. princessx87

    princessx87 PetForums Senior

    Feb 26, 2009
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    3 weeks ago, i sold a litter of kittens all of good health, flea free.
    This afternoon one of the ladies that brought 2 of the kittens we had, called me to say she had to take the kittens to the vets as they have started bleeding, with what looks like tiny pin-holes all over their bodies.

    She was telling me the vet has told her that its down to flea's and that there is a out-break of flea's all over the UK. Now she has just told me before she brought the kittens, her animals already had flea's everywhere. Even in her bath and bed :eek:

    She is a woman around the age of 60 and she begging me to help her get rid of these flea's. She asked me if we had them after the kittens was born, and sold, which we didn't,well.. Not many, but enough for the shampoo / tablets / spot on to come out. Then she broke down crying on the telephone, saying to me that her vet told her that if what she was saying is true, she would have passed them onto us, and to warn us now as we are facing a outbreak? :eek:ut: :eek:ut: :eek:

    Before this information got to me, i was wondering why we seems to be facing a loosing battle with killing them on your pets?

    She told me she has used in the 24 months,
    bob martins,
    Flea bombs,
    Flea powder.

    So he the vet right..?
    If so, what can i do next to stop this outbreak, and get my animals flea free.?

    How do i help her, When she is breaking down AND crying to me on the phone.?

    Whilst writing this she has called me again, still upset that she may have given us flea's!

    I am at a lost end, i have no idea what i can do to help our animals, me and her?
    any help will be most welcomed!!!
  2. jaxx

    jaxx PetForums VIP

    Aug 11, 2009
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    Flea's can be picked up anywhere, typically they come out in summer when it's warmer and in winter when people start putting on the central heating. It doesn't matter how many times she's treated her animals, if she doesn't treat her carpets and furniture as well then they'll just keep getting reinfested. Her vet should have more info about how to get rid of them on the animals and in the home (I'm assuming this as mine does). The pupa can live in the carpets for up to nine months and will be triggered to hatch into fleas by vibration, heat, carbon dioxide ie everything that means a handy meal is near. No insecticides will penertate the pupal cocoon so even if she's got rid of one infestion, there could be another lying in wait in the furniture and carpet. Which means treating the animals for preventative purposes and treating the carpets and furniture (curtains, bedding anything where a pupa can lie in wait) to kill the live adult fleas and then treating again in 6 month bursts to keep the house flea free.

    There's more information at Fleas and flea control for cats and dogs - www.fleafree.co.uk about the life cycle of fleas and how to prevent them.
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