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I currently have GORKY on foster from Animal Accident Rescue Unit. He came into me 2 weeks ago after having an abscess removed from his foot (and neutered).

Gorky is an 18 month old male cat with black and white colouring. He has a little black speckled nose and white socks on his paws. He came in to me after having an abscess removed from his foot. He had a course of antibiotics, which he has now finished, and his foot is healing nicely. Gorky had no problem taking the tablets and finished the course easily.

He is a very laid-back kitty who adores attention and lazing around. He can typically be found either on the windowsill or chilling out on his blanket. In the evening he is all over our laps and can’t get enough of being made a fuss of! As soon as you sit down he is straight onto your knee!

Gorky eats a mix of wet/dry food and has no issues with his feeding. He’ll quite happily wolf down anything which is put in front of him until it’s all gone!

Gorky is litter-trained, neutered, micro-chipped and very well-mannered. He’ll make a lovely pet for anyone!


Chilling out in his favourite spot

Here is his AARU profile link:
Animal Accident Rescue Unit - Nottingham - transport service for sick or injured animals and birds
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