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Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by rona, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. rona

    rona Guest

    Over the last 4 months, my admiration for my boy has increased so much :)
    Apart from 3 days post operation, when he was in a lot of pain, he has taken all his restrictions with a good attitude.
    He has taken full advantage of all the small opportunities he has been given, and remained my cheerful boy throughout. :)
    A lesson I think a few people could learn, make the most of what you have, and don't fret about the things you haven't :)
    What has made you really admire your dog?
  2. Bearpaw

    Bearpaw PetForums VIP

    Dec 10, 2009
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    Alfie is a treasure,and he has been a brilliant patient! Respect to you for his upbringing and the love/care you give him. xx

    I admire my Clodagh for her tolerence with my youngsters,she is a brilliant mommy figure and has the patience of a saint!
  3. Nellybelly

    Nellybelly PetForums VIP

    Jul 20, 2009
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    This is a lovely post.

    I'll start with Nelson.

    I admired his loyalty. Even though for the last 4 years of his life I was back and forth from the UK, he was always over the moon when I came back home for holidays and never ever held a grudge...and when I left again he happily became my mom's dog.

    I admired his absolute trust in me. We got to the point that he would hold out his paw for a blood test on his own when we were at the vets, as long as I was there holding him he knew I only wanted the best for him.

    And Nelson was never a healthy boy, but the last year he developed a condition which all the courage (on his part), love (on our part) and treatment wouldn't be enough to make him better. Despite his worsening bloodwork, up until the last month of his life he shocked everyone and went on living as normal. The last month was so apinful for everyone involved, btu Nelson never once complained, and like you said made the most of the little he could do. His dignity was so important to him, and he never once weed or pooed inside, he always got up to wag his tail when someone walked into the room, he ate his meals as if he were the healthiest dog alive and he still barked when people knocked on our door. He was stilla ble to fulfill his role as a dog and as long as he could do that we didn't have the right to let him go...

    He showed amazing courage and bravery while he fought to stay alive, and when his time had come, he let us know with the same courage with which he had faced life that he couldn't fight anymore. And when we helped him go to sleep, he looked at me while I stroked him and told him how much I loved him and how he was the best boy in the world...he looked at me with that admiration and love and loyalty that he had always looked at me with. He was so much bigger than us humans...he didn't waste his last moments angry at life, or afraid of death...he made the most of every second he was given.

    And when I stop crying and recompose myself I will make a post about Bella.
  4. Nellybelly

    Nellybelly PetForums VIP

    Jul 20, 2009
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    Onto my little Bella.

    Well, I admire her endless energy for life....always. She has had the same energy 2 days post spay, she has had the same energy with a sticthed up paw...she is able to ignore things that would stop most people doing thinsg and still focus on living life, to the full!

    Like Nelson, I admire her loyalty. Whenever we have to leave somewhere fun, e.g., a friend's house (they have dogs and Bella gets on great with them)...even though she wants to play more she always comes whens he realises I'm going.

    And of course the greeting you get when you back home, even if you've been one for only 10 minutes. Nelson was like this too so I think all dogs have this quality!
  5. Fleur

    Fleur Vassal to Lilly and Ludo

    Jul 19, 2008
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    Alfie really is a fabulous boy :thumbup:

    Zipper - I admire his ability to forgive, he hates having his hair cut but will tolerate me doing it and come back for snuggles straight away,
    His seeming understanding of human emotions - when my daughters sad he will always snuggle up with her. :)
    Lilly - her loving nature and loyalty to her family- she just wants to be with us, she doesn't ask for anything else in life apart from to be loved :)
  6. Bex190

    Bex190 PetForums VIP

    Jun 30, 2009
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    Your Alfie is an amazing boy that we could all learn a lot from Rona.

    As for my pair,

    I admire his trust and faith in humans despite his past. Alfie was found as a stray vastly underweight, with about 70% of his fur gone due to mange and afraid of fast movements and people coming up behind him and yet he still loves all humans, isn't at all food aggressive even letting me take a bone he found on the walk yesterday out of his mouth with no resistance, and put up with all the bathing and treatment he needed to sort out his skin and fur without complaint.

    I admire his sense of fun but ability to focus when needed.
    He is full of fun and mischief but has an incredible work drive and loves to learn. I trained him to do scent work as part of my college course and my tutors were amazed by the way he switches from "normal mode" of bouncing around playing the fool to "work mode" where he is completely calm and focused on his task.
    #6 Bex190, Jun 6, 2010
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2010
  7. sue&harvey

    sue&harvey PetForums VIP

    Mar 10, 2010
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    I think your Alfie is admired by a lot of people on here Rona. :) Such a brave lad.

    I admire Harvey spirit. Every morning he bounces out of his cage, wags his tale and looks at you as if to say "what we doing today then". He didn't have the best start in life, but always has such a trusting look in his eyes. He really doesn't ask for a lot in life, love, and basic needs met and he is happy to play such an important part of our lives.
    Love you Harves, you are a special little lad :)
  8. Mum2Alfie

    Mum2Alfie PetForums VIP

    Jan 4, 2010
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    I havent had my pets for long and they are young. Although I admire them for putting up with my son! They are fab with him.

    However I thought I would share my admiration that I have towards my husband and son instead.

    My lil family have been through alot, but we have stuck together, and stuck strong! We have pulled each other through tough times and been there for each other!

    I admire my OH for going through all the pain and suffering he did when he had his accident!

    I admire my lil boy for putting up with the rubbish we keep handing him!

    Love you guys!
  9. PedigreeUK

    PedigreeUK PetForums Member

    Dec 22, 2009
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    A great topic - thank you.

    I admire Wispa for:

    - always being enthusiastic about simple things
    - not worrying about the future
    - forgiving and forgetting quickly.

    3 things that aren't always easy for humans, but seem to come naturally to plenty of dogs!

  10. Mum2Heidi

    Mum2Heidi PetForums VIP

    Feb 17, 2010
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    Alfie has been amazing but you have had a lot of input in making him the lovely chap he is. I feel they are a blank canvas as a pup that we can either make or break.

    I admire Heidi's wonderful temperament. She has been brilliant with my grand daughter and all the dogs she meets. I have only once heard her growl and that was at a male dog who just wouldnt take no for an answer.

    Her family spirit - she loves us all and makes it obvious.

    The way she takes everything in her stride and nothing phases her.

    I'm sure there are lots more ways I admire her but can thats all I can think of at the mo
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