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When was the last time you...
Had a conversation
With the moon?
Or made a wish
On a falling star?
Held hope from a string
Of delicate things?

When was the last time you...
Got lost
In an enchanted wood?
Or were kissed by a prince
Who turned into a frog?
Consulted with a caterpillar
Or kidnapped a myth?

When was the last time you...
Had a visit
From you fairy godmother
Who turned pumpkins into coaches
And wishes
Into wings?

When was the last time you...
Cried lost tears?
Into the lake of longing?
Sipped inspiration
From the pool of wonder?
Or rose, victorious,
Like a phoenix
From the ashes?

When did you last...
Lay your head in the lap of awe
And listened to a song
From a distant shore
Called home?

The time is NOW
Remember your dreams
And unseen things
Sing with raputre
And dance...
Dance like a dervish!
And when inspiration knocks
Open the door!

YouTube - A Knock at the Door


This book and DVD was given to me by my dear friend when my brother passed away last year so this post I dedicate to him, our dear Sammy and all the loved ones we have lost.

We may cry because they are gone, but they want us to LIVE!

21,583 Posts
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OMG i found myself with a huge smile on my face and felt like i wanted to run and dance around the woods like a child!!

fantastic post, but no ive never heard that before, i love it :D

EDIT: i wanted to give you rep but im not aloud lol its saying i need to spead it around first.
It's wonderful, makes me so emotional when I read it :D

I think we need something like this every so often to remind us of what matters in life x
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