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Morning all!

I have a cat flap installed in the living room door, and during summer it works ok, but wintertime it freezes shut.

I've got this model: Pet Mate 4 Way Locking Cat Flap White: Pet Supplies
I did a lot of research before I purchased it, and seemed like most people were pretty satisfied with it, so back then it seemed like the best option, but I've changed my mind...

It's not especially airtight, there's a tiny gap between the door and the tunnel, which lets cold air in. We heat up our house using a fireplace, but the heat inside in combination with the cold air that comes thru the flap gives condensation on the windows in the living room, including the cat flap window, and then the brushes around the cat door freeze, causing the whole door to shut.

I started looking for solutions last year, but wasn't able to fix it. Back then I was working from home and we had a mild winter here in Sweden, but this year I'm away all day and right now it's pretty cold.

Any ideas on how I can keep the door from freezing shut? Or would you happen to know of another cat flap that is a more airtight? Right now I don't want to let my cats out, I'm afraid they won't get back in again!

Would really appreciate some advice!

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