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8 month old kitten with sensitive tummy

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by Maya2021, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. Maya2021

    Maya2021 PetForums Junior

    Apr 29, 2021
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    I have a 8 month old kitten who I've had since she was about 10 weeks or so. She has been on few different foods because nothing seems to suit her. Always smelly poos even with higher quality food. I have tried a variety from zoo plus and she's very picky. We tried smilla, feringa, almo nature and granata pet. She didn't like most of these. She loves smilla dry food but her poos have just started being runny again. Vet has said we should find some sensitive food or a vet diet but couldn't give any recommendation. Most sensitive dry I find seems to be for adult cats. She is enjoying her wet blink food now. I have found the concept for line gastrointestinal food but it says adult cat. Would it be quite bad to have her on that? Is there a better version of kitten dry kibble I could try? I don't want Royal canin after poor experiences with it with my other pet. Also ideally nothing too over the top expensive. I am starting her on a probiotic as she had some blood in her poo and some mucus yesterday and vet told us to get her on a probiotic ASAP so she'll be starting the advanced probiotic paste today. I'd like some recommendations for good dry food though please if anyone can recommend. If there's anything good wet that may benefit her more then again recommendations are welcome. She is well in herself and a crazy kitten overall, she sleeps a fair bit but then bounces of walls and jumps over our heads so no concerns other than a potential intestine issue or food sensitivity which isn't picked up on blood tests. Thank you
  2. LittleEms

    LittleEms Little tinkers Bugsy & Bee, and old Mr. Charlie

    Jun 16, 2020
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    Hi, can I ask why you are keen to get her onto dry food? I had a similar situation with my kittens and dry food made everything worse. Most people here are of the opinion that an all wet diet is much better for cats.
    As she is 8 months old I wouldn't worry about feeding her anything that says adult. With mine, once I had their tummies settled on plain chicken I introduced Blink and that has been perfect for them and they are still on it at over a year old now. If you are having sucess with the Blink I would be tempted to stick with just that for a while till you have the issues under control as you don't want to cause more problems by introducing extra things.
  3. H.M

    H.M PetForums Member

    Nov 16, 2020
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    Maybe think about feeding your cat raw. My cat who just turned one HAD a sensitive tummy too. Before he was only able to eat animonda carny, now he'son luna and me raw. I was not able to introduce anything new to him. Even after I gave him Probiotics I couldn't introduce any new foods. I was worried when he would be put off my the only food he could eat and he's poos would be really soft and smelly when given anything else.

    He was put off my his food a few days before his raw food order arrived and so I was forced to feed him another wet food as he wiuldnt eat cooked chicken for more than 2 meals. He got an upset tummy and really smelly soft poos. But he's poos are now small firm and odourless after he settled on raw and he loves it.

    If not raw. Then just wet only. No dry. Try settle her tummy with cooked chicken, cooked fish or the food that her tummy tolerates. You need to be really slow when introducing new foods. But I was never able to succeed in giving new foods until I switched to raw. Its the best most natural food for cats so definitely recommend.
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