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3 Terrapins & Large Tank & Equipment for Sale

Discussion in 'Reptile Classifieds' started by Tats83, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Tats83

    Tats83 PetForums Newbie

    Jul 10, 2009
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    TERRAPINS: 2 Peninsula Cooter Turtles (Igor & Myrtle) and 1 Yellowbelly Slider (Trevor) for Sale. Much loved - we're only selling them as we have a very small house & a baby on the way. The Peninsula Cooters are about 10” long (hence the very large tank) - we've had them for about 2 years & they’re about 4 years old. We've only had the Yellowbelly Slider for about 7 months & he's half the size of the others. They're kept together in the tank & get along well. All terrapins are in good health. I believe the Peninsula Cooters are female & the Yellowbelly Slider is male - so there'll be no baby terrapins! They're quite friendly terrapins & if you walk past the tank they always poke their head out to see if you have any food! They provide hours of entertainment - funny to watch them basking on top of each other under the light.

    TANK: The tank is very large - Length approx 121cm (47.5”), Width approx 78cm (31”), Depth approx 44cm (17.5”). The tank is not glass but a black plastic tank from a Garden Centre. We previously had them in a smaller glass tank but flakes of their shell began to come off (indicating stress) - they constantly would try to swim through the glass & became startled easily when anyone entered the room. However, they love their new home & it’s much better for them.

    EQUIPMENT: a large underwater filter, a 150w light with a new stand, a new 200w heater with protective cover (bought only last week), a large basking ledge made out of house bricks & slate, a log, a rock, 2 plastic plants, a book on keeping terrapins, plus any food we have for them.

    PRICES: We would prefer to keep the terrapins together in the tank (so their surroundings are familiar & less stressful). However we understand not everyone may be able to keep all 3, so we've set individual prices plus a price for everything. Obviously if you want to buy separately - we can't let the tank go until we have a home for the terrapins! The tank is also ideal for keeping fish.

    3 Terrapins, plus tank & equipment - £80 ono
    Peninsula Cooter - £20 each ono
    Yellowbelly Slider - £15 ono
    Tank with equipment- £60 ono
    Tank without equipment - £40 ono

    Located in Alvaston, Derby. Any questions - or offers - please email me. If you’ve not kept terrapins before, we’ll go through everything you need to know. Also, I'll be happy to send more pictures. Please note that the picture I’ve attached is an old one – we no longer have the green water plant & the water heater shown is the old one.


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