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2 pets - Rodge(Parsons Terrier) Meg (Welsh x pony

Discussion in 'Rainbow Bridge' started by Tamsin, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Tamsin

    Tamsin PetForums Junior

    Jul 22, 2008
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    The first story I have to tell is about the loss of Rodge a Parsons Terrier. Rodge belonged to my brother and absolutely adored him, he had to take him everywhere with him, to work, to the pub, to the shop, every where.
    My brother took Rodge to work with him everyday of the week to his job as an excavator driver, and the little dog would sit in the cab with him all day, happy as larry.
    Well on this frightful day they were travelling home from work and Rodge decided he needed the loo. So my brother pulled over in a lay by and let him out, as he did this most days he didnt think it would be a problem, they were on a quiet road in the middle of no where, therefore my brother didnt feel the need to put Rodge's lead on. Something must have caught the little dogs eye because he decided he wanted to cross the road, and there was a car coming, my brother called him to try and get him back, but as anyone knows with Terriers they have a mind of their own sometimes, and as much as he called Rodge ignored him. Well my brother had noticed the car and the car had noticed the dog who was still in the road and had stopped, but as my brother stepped out from beside the car to grab the dog the car started again and sped towards poor little Rodge and ran him over and then continued to drive off.
    My brother as you can imagine was absolutely devastated as he picked his little dog up out of the road and carried him back to the car, the little dog was still alive at this point, he then rushed him to the emergency vets who told him that unfortunately his injuries where to critical and there was nothing they could do for him except put him to sleep, so my brother hekd him while he breathed his last breaths.

    The next story I have is of a loss even closer to my heart of my darling little welsh x pony that I had called Meg.
    My little Meg was a star pony, the nicest, friendliest pony I could have had after loosing my confidence in a riding accident.
    One frightful day I went off to school as normal, and the route my school bus took over looked my horses field and I always checked to make sure I could see them all, anyway same as usual this morning I looked over and could only see my mums TB and my sisters Dartmoor pony, so I decided to phone my mum to get her to check them. I carried on with my school day and thought nothing more of it as I thought my mum would have phoned if there were any problems.
    On arriving home from school I was wisked straight out again to watch my little sister dancing in a competition, and we didnt arrive home until late.
    When I tried to say goodnight my mum told me that she needed to speak to me and my sister and told us to sit down. We did as we were told and started to feel a bit panicked.
    She told us she had some bad news and our thoughts instantly went to our dad who was working abroad and she told us dad was fine and it was closer to home then that and the way she looked at me I knew it was going to be a pet of mine, and with my dog curled on my lap I knew it could only be my pony.
    She told me that she had got stuck in the stream that ran adjascent to out field with her head and legs stuck around a tree. Mum had called the vet and the fire brigade and also the local farmers in our area.
    We had 3 fire engines, 2 fire trucks, 2 Manitous (forklifts), 2 diggers, 4 tractors and numerous cars in our field trying to help to free my pony.
    The farmer asked the vet if they could put straps around her and lift her out after cutting down the tree and he refused to let them due to the fact that she was still struggling to get herself free.
    They tried to plea with the vet that unless he let them she was going to die of exhaustion and stress but he refused to let them near her. The farmers are all very experienced horse owners one of which has had horses and ran a trekking centre most of his life and is now in his 60's and yet the vet still wouldnt let him near her.
    And basically the vet wouldnt let anyone do anything until she had stopped breathing and then he said they could get her out.
    I loved that pony dearly and the news broke my heart, i refused to eat or leave my bedroom for a week and only ate when the time came that I had to.

    R.I.P little Rodge and Meg
  2. pinkbutterflys

    pinkbutterflys PetForums Senior

    Nov 18, 2008
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    =[ heart breaking storys R.I.P


    So sorry for you loss. :(
    R.I.P Rodge and Meg.
  4. u-look-like-a-hamster

    u-look-like-a-hamster PetForums VIP

    Aug 17, 2008
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    Both of you

    run free at rainbow bridge
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