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10 year old dog and 2 year old cat.

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Alex Galvan, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Alex Galvan

    Alex Galvan PetForums Newbie

    Jul 2, 2018
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    Our dog is a 10 year old boxer he’s really sweet, he has issues with boundaries as he enjoys to sniff everything and anyone new, about a year ago we took in this stray kitten she was a small calico but she was about 7months, really sweet and loving but a little fiesty towards others , weve introduced her to two other small dogs and it went great. As to our dog it was a bit to much for both, he tried to sniff her tail and she did not like that and slapped him and he tried the same so it didn’t go so well. No one was hurt thankfully and they both calmed down, but ever since we’ve kept them on opposite sides of the house separated by a baby gate. They are able to see each other and they will acknowledge their presence on occasion will also go into each others space when the other is out of the room/house, for example when i walk our dog shell go into his bed to look around or to sit in the couch where he sits and vice versa. About 4 times weve caught our cat in the in the same room as our dog in the middle of the night or when were out just loafing or by the window and he just doesn’t acknowledge her and they both just relax or shell run to the other side, so we just dont say or bother them and let them be. (We walk out of the room in amazement to what we just witnessed...) , other times weve seen her on the baby gate taunting the him or talking to him.
    Little by little weve been allowing them to roam around together when we’re around them. Our problem is my dog will always seem to keep his eyes locked onto her when we’re in the room but he wont tense up anymore or get that line on his back when hes on guard.

    A year in....
    Is it safe to start letting them co exist?
    Can I assume that he is just curious at this point.
    How can I make him loose interest in her, im not sure if its because he hears the bell she’s wearing on her coller.
  2. tabelmabel

    tabelmabel Banned

    Oct 18, 2013
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    Have you got areas of the home that the cat can access but not the dog? That's the way we work it in our house. The cat is allowed upstairs and on furniture but the dogs aren't. Our dogs would chase the cat if she is at floor level, but once she jumps up high, she is perfectly safe.

    I don't like collars on cats (i take it the bell is to stop her catching birds?) Collars can catch on branches and cause injuries on cats.

    And birders seem to be able to catch birds even with bells and whistles blaring! Try taking the collar off. I doubt it will make any difference to your dog's behaviour - it sounds like he is just keeping a watchful eye on where the cat is.
    I'm not actually sure what happened to make you take the action of such a prolonged separation?

    Were you worried that your dog would kill your cat?

    As long as your cat has safe places to escape to (upstairs, out via a catflap, high sills and shelves) she should be ok. She will only attack your dog in self defense if cornered so just make sure she has resting areas that are up high and teach your dog to stay at floor level.

    That's what i would do anyway
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