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10 week old puppy crate training

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by plantlover23, Jan 31, 2021.

  1. plantlover23

    plantlover23 PetForums Newbie

    Jan 22, 2021
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    Hi everyone,

    Just wondered if anyone could give me a bit of advice with my 10 week old puppy please.

    She has been sleeping in her crate since day 1. It was introduced to her slowly with treats etc, dinner fed to her in there and she goes in willingly. She does have a Kong but hasn’t really had it in there as she doesn’t seem especially interested in it. She does have chew toys, soft toys etc in there however.

    It just seems really hit and miss as to how she is in there, more so for daytime naps than in the night. Sometimes she will settle without a single cry/whine, sometimes she’ll wine for < 3 or 4 minutes and settle and other times just won’t settle at all. I always make sure she has been to the toilet, isn’t hungry or thirsty before she goes in so am struggling to figure out why it varies so greatly. If the crying lasts any longer than 5 minutes or she starts barking, I wait for a quiet moment then go and sit outside her crate without giving her any attention as such, just reassurance I’m there. 9/10 this then settles her but not always.

    A quick nighttime question too - she will generally settle pretty well at night and falls asleep about 9pm. I try to keep her awake from 8-9 to make sure she’s tired but don’t always manage it so sometimes bed is a little earlier! How much she is up in the night then varies - sometimes it has just been once at around 3:30/4am, sometimes it is twice at around midnight then 3:30/4. I don’t mind this at all as it is to be expected. However she can then be quite unsettled when she goes back into her crate, thinks it’s awake time and play time. I have her crate in my bedroom with 3 sides covered with a blanket and one side exposed so she can see me, I’m not sure if this is keeping her awake as she can see me moving around in bed, if my eyes are open etc. Would you suggest covering all four sides?

    I think my own anxieties haven’t helped as she’s doing such a great job with toilet training but around a week ago she had a accident in her crate when I was trying to let her whine for a few minutes before settling, so I’ve been worried about it ever since!

    thank you in advance
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