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1 year on...

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by xxbailliexx, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. xxbailliexx

    xxbailliexx PetForums Member

    May 17, 2010
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    well we've had Baillie 1 year today :D

    i was thinking last night though that when we got her she had NO manners at all and although she has some now they have'nt improved greatly :eek:

    i've mentioned before that i cant let her off lead as she has no recall whatsoever (with me anyways), however hubby can let her off lead as long as its in an enclosed area and she comes back to him :rolleyes: (he has'nt tried open spaces yet)i've tried hotdogs and all sorts but she just goes deaf!!

    when we have visitors Baillie has to be put on lead untill she calms down or she would just jump all over them for kisses, can take up to an hour and if she's calm then we'll allow her off lead but as soon as that little clip is undone on the lead she's off and bouncing all over the place. i say we but again if hubby is home she'll pretty much do as she's told. it seems to be me she has the problem with.(we reward good behaviour and ignore the bad,also tried getting visitors to let her have a wee sniff then give a treat)

    Baillie will be 2 on the 31st july but is still sooo puppy like it is unreal :D
    she will do anything hubby asks her too but has started rebelling against me for some reason. hubby works all day and i'm a stay at home mum so i'm here all day with her. she gets 4 walks a day and playtime/training in the house also but i sometimes feel she tries to be dominant with me during play and even if i am petting her then stop she starts jumping at me then does a mad run around the house, if i say no she barks at me then play bows and growls, its all play i know that but i have to then put her in her crate to calm down for 5 minutes but as soon as hubby says no (when he's home from work) she goes and lies down :rolleyes:

    does it sound like she's just trying to see how far she can push me?, is it normal because i'm with her the most? i'm hoping as she gets older she'll calm down!! she sounds like an asbo dog lol she's not honestly :p
    it's not like this every day but i'm starting to dread having visitors,its draining and by the time they leave i'm knackered,she just loves people and seems to think they are here just for her :rolleyes:

    any advice from anyone will be greatly recieved and sorry for the long post :eek:

    just realised i should have probably put this in the training and behaviour section...oops
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    Last edited: Apr 5, 2011
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