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  1. Cat Health and Nutrition
    We accidentally gave this to our cat in her mouth (as worm stuff usually does go in the mouth or food) but then saw that the directions said to put it on her fur at the back of her neck. Will this harm her. Worried now
  2. General Chat
    Please help... I've accidentally given my dog 2 Milpro tablets instead of 1. She weights 7kg and 1 tablet is for dogs 5 to 25kg. I've contacted vets and they've said to keep an eye overnight but she does have mild shakes. Anyone experienced this before?
  3. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi, we rescued a maremma sheepdog at the start of November. He was terrified of everything and was really badly injured with open infected puncture wounds etc so our priority wasn’t getting him wormed plus he was too afraid to stand on the vets scales and at the time we all thought best not to...
  4. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi everyone. My cats had their booster injections today, and now I’ve just realised their wormer is due imminently, and flea treatment due mid-next week. Both are spot on (Dronspot and Advantage), their booster was Virbac Feligen RCP. Does anyone know how long I should wait before giving them...
  5. Insects , Snails and other exotic pets
    Hi there. So my partner and I have recently acquired a fully grown GALS. It was apparently found abandoned in a London park in the middle of winter, inside it's tank. It's got a slightly chipped shell on one side, which looks like it repaired itself. We were using a cotton buds to oil it's shell...
  6. Dog Chat
    Hello, I am not sure if this is the correct place for posting this... Anyhow I have a 9 week 2 day old lurcher puppy. I took him to the vets for a health check and to be flea'd and wormed on Monday 22 June. I was given Advocate and I applied it to him when I got home. On Friday 26 June he...
  7. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi Apologies firstly if I’ve done something wrong. It’s the first time I have posted. I have two rescued Bengal kittens. Currently now coming up to 9 months of age. The vet gave me a wormer for each kitten when we first took them in (milpro). They both had terrible reactions to the wormer to...
  8. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Is there is an effective flea/worming treatment in the UK that can be bought online without prescription. My vet is charging £22 for one prescription and we need one for each of our kittens (well they are 9 months old now and starting to venture out). I know the shelter said Bob...
  9. Cat Chat
    Hey guys, I hope you're all doing well. I'm new here. I have a male cat who's around 2 years old. He was a stray cat that my fiance and I adopted. He's very playful and strong. We took him to the vet on Monday to get neutered and microchipped. The operation was a success, however, the...
  10. Cat Chat
    Hi everyone! Some say to wait 2 weeks for each treatment and some say 48 hours- I am confused. What do you do for your cat? P.S. I have Frontline plus spot on for fleas/ticks and dronspot spot on for worming.
  11. Dog Health and Nutrition
    So we bought a female JRT puppy. The guy we got it from clearly has no idea how to breed dogs nor take care of them. She was advertised on gumtree along with two boys as already having had her flea and worm treatment. As soon as I called him he said that he had picked a couple fleas off of...
1-11 of 11 Results