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  1. Dog Chat
    Hello, We’ve had our dog in the family now for 10 years, but we’ve never really been 100% sure on what breed she is. We know she’s got that bit of bedlington in here, but we recogne she’s a cross breed as she hasn’t got the typical look of those that you see in the photos. Just wondered if...
  2. Rabbits
    Hello Everyone, Really need some help, we have Georgie who is 14 weeks old. We got him from a trusted Breeder and was told he was a mini lop. We have had him for 6 weeks now and I really don’t think he is. I feel like he is French Lop or he is Mini lop x French lop. I think his face is quite...
  3. Cat Chat
    mum as a kitten her now Her first on left with mum and siblings her today Hi I've just been filling insurance application for a quote and it said breed I'm unsure what breed she is Her mum is rag doll or Siamese I'm not sure her dad is a local ginger and white really furry cat he...
  4. Cat Chat
    Hi, I'm after a bit of help. This cat has just joined our family but we aren't sure what breed he is. Beautiful, funny, crazy, big, very thick fur, tufts on feet and chats to us none stop. I feel he's not very old. Have a look I'd like some other people's thoughts. Thanks in advance
  5. Rabbits
    I have my guesses but I'd like other people's opinions, mostly for the black one but thought I'd ask about both :) (FYI, cages are large + temporary until they're litter trained, healed from neutering + bonded)
  6. Dog Chat
    Hi, so we recently got our little beauty Luna, we bought her off gumtree and I know we shouldn’t of really got her without much info on her but we fell in love as soon as we saw her and if you could of seen the state of the place she was living you’d of wanted to take her straight away from it...
1-6 of 6 Results