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  1. Dog Health and Nutrition
    I have a 9 week old westie puppy that is currently on Royal Canin medium food that the breeder had fed him on. I was wondering if i should carry on with that or is there a better alternative dry food specifically for westies i should change him to. Any help help or suggestions would be great thanks.
  2. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi I hope someone can help or offer advice. My 7 year old westie has developed some skin problems in the last 12 months. He's had the issue previously on his tail where there are puss filled scabs on a small patch in the middle of his tail with black spots and loss of hair. We've been to the vet...
  3. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi All This is my first post on here. Thanks in advance for reading the post and any input you can provide. So... our five year old westie George has started to develop a few scabs over his body on his back and sides. They are small maybe a 5 pence in size They look flakey yellow/brown and...
  4. Dog Rescue and Adoption
    Hi, Does anyone know of any current or planned future litters of westies in Scotland? Looking for a male puppie Not having much luck with the current pandemic but would love some recommendations of breeders if anyone can help!
  5. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Guys I need your help. I live on very small city. My Westie Dora have 9 months. She start itchy, I change her food, avoid treats. She get better. But three days ago She start itchy and scratching hard. I have only 1 vet on my city. He prescrive medicine only for her ear (she got hurt). But She...
  6. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi everione, Happy new year. Forgive my bad english. I have a Westie female. Her name is Dora. She have 8 months old. Recently she began to scratch. The vet told me to avoid let her bite plants. I did this. But she still scratching. I know Westies is a sensitive to get allergies. I research a...
  7. Dog Chat
    hello everyone, we have a question, something funny ..... our lovely Westie is now going to be 10 months old and his ears have not fully gone up yet in the classic "westie" style position. He is still adorable but it's something we're somewhat always expecting eh eh.. i've heard different...
  8. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi all, first post so go easy :) I have a 12 week old white westie pup and the breeder initially had him on Natural Instincts raw food. Whilst he loved it, it wasn't really convenient enough for us so we attempted to change to Wainwrights dry puppy. We did this over 10 days and he seemed OK...
  9. Dog Chat
    Anyone know of any Westie breeders in North East England. I am wanting a puppy in next few weeks.
  10. Dog Chat
    Hi Everyone, I have a five month old Westie with extremely itchy ears. We initially took her to the vet about 9 weeks ago and we was told she had an ear infection and we were prescribed with a course of anti-biotics and some ear cleaner. This infection cleared up. Anyway, about five weeks...
  11. Rocky

    I am now 9 and a half months old. Westie x shih tzu
  12. The Boys

    two of my rats approx 7 months old
  13. The Boys

    piccy of my two ratties at about 12 weeks old
  14. The Boys

    My gorgeous spoilt 6 year old westie
  15. Olly

    olly my 8 month old westie x scottie
  16. Bailey

    bailey my 14 month old westie
  17. Buster

    Our dog Buster
1-20 of 38 Results