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  1. Dog Chat
    I hope someone can help or advise as I'm at my wits end. My 13 wk old bulldog cross bitch has vaginitus. Tests confirmed it is ecoli. She has had 3 weeks of antibiotics tablets which didn't clear it up so the vet has tried a different antibiotic injection lasting 2 weeks. 1 week in and I'm...
  2. Cat Health and Nutrition
    This morning I found out that my 3 month old kitten has developed a lump on his shoulder it's abit larger than a pea. I've been reading up and have seen the worst that it could be, but also that it could just be a reaction from his injections. He had his first set of vaccinations just over two...
  3. Dog Chat
    My American bulldog puppy is now 13 weeks old and due to her having Gardia could not have her second vaccination until the infection had cleared. We have had to restart all vaccinations and she had her first 4 days ago. However she is now growing so quick and is heavy to carry and full of...
1-3 of 3 Results