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  1. Fish Keeping Chat
    Hi, I’m wondering if my female guppy is pregnant, she looks pregnant to me, but I could do with other people’s opinions. I’m just a bit skeptical because the previous female guppy I bought ended up dying 3 days after I got her. I was told she was pregnant from the store I got her but I’m pretty...
  2. Fish Keeping Chat
    Hi All, Ive had a tropical aquarium, with some guppys and tetras, for a few years. My filter/pump died recently and I replaced it with a new one. About a week has passed and since then I have got really bad white spot and basically all of my fish have died. Talking to a relative, they said...
  3. New Aquarium Advice
    Hey guys I have seen the most beautiful tank for sale and am putting logistics into place to get it to me. I've never had one this big and want to make sure I do it properly . I need advice on A filter Heater It comes with new lights. And the best way to establish a beautiful healthy...
  4. Fish Keeping Chat
    Hello! First post on here - just looking for some advice! About 2-3 months ago me and my husband bought 6 Platys from a large reputable garden centre. Unknowing to us that 4 were females and 2 were males and probably all the females were pregnant. One morning we woke up to lots of teeny tiny...
  5. Fish Keeping Chat
    (Sorry for the spelling mistake, Guppies) Hi! I would like to know what my shrimp are doing they just sit there and we'll do what i will show on a photo, They sit there for hours on end doing this. Also if you can I would like to know the gender of my guppies please!
  6. Tinfoil Barbs And Firemouth Cichlids

    bit difficult to get a shot as they keep on moving lol this is the best photo i done of my fish.
1-7 of 7 Results