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  1. Cat Chat
    Hi everyone, Just wondering if my 4 month old kitty is a British shorthair tabby as sold? He’s a bit skinnier and has quite a hyper (though maybe typical?) temperament for a British shorthair which I thought were quite chilled? Fine if he’s not shorthair because I love him anyway, but will miss...
  2. Cat Photo Galleries
    Hi Everyone, I'm completely new to this forum so apologies in advance for any errors.. We recently took home a beautiful Oriental Short Hair - her mum was a Havana and her dad a caramel spotted tabby - both very beautiful but I'm not 100% how we should describe our new addition. I think she...
  3. Tibby

    These are photos of the late great Tibby.
  4. My Beloved Abby

    Abby died on 29 May 2011, killed in action in the back garden, precise cause unknown. She was a gorgeous tortie tabby and a grand old 17 years of age, deaf as a post and a bit skinny but still beautiful. Much missed.
  5. Sandy Fat

    Chubby fluffy Sandy
  6. Tia Nfc

    This is a picture of Tia. I was told she's a Norwegian Forest Cat but with no papers to verify, I can't be absolutely sure. At 20 months, she's a gorgeous girl with a very sweet temperament and wears her tail curled over her back like a pomeranian.
  7. Tia With Something On Her Mind

    Tia trying to entice me into the living room for a little Da Bird action.
  8. Kato Playing With His Bird

    Kato at 5 1/2 months, playing with Da Bird toy. Check out his mad expression in the reflection to the left. He's a Maine Coon X, all excited chirrups and trills.
  9. Kato Dreaming Of Being Outdoors

    Kato at 5 1/2 months taking a break from the hard job that is being a kitten.
  10. Alfie

    Alfie looking very handsome
  11. Alfie

    Keeping close incase any food is going spare!
  12. Alfie

    Hard at work..
  13. Alfie

    Hard life being a working cat!
  14. Alfie

    Alfie with his Dad
  15. Bailey - New Member Of The Household

    Wee Bailey, pictures here at 9 weeks.
  16. The Boss

    my little girl
1-20 of 40 Results