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  1. Rodents
    Hello. I live in America but I need advice. I found this chipmunk (I think) and its still breathing and it’s drinking stuff. It made a bowel movement earlier and I’m just wondering if anyone can guess how old it is? Idk if it’s a baby or an adult, it doesn’t really open it’s eyes or stay awake...
  2. Rodents
    Hi Folks! I've been looking for a quite a time now to get a pair of babies RGS and it seems to be impossible at this time! Could you please help me out? I'm happy to travel across UK in order to collect them.
  3. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hi everyone! I have a dog named pookie who was raised two years of her life where there were no squirrels. Lots of bunnies and she had even caught a couple a few times. So we moved where there is squirrels and pookie has never seen a squirrel in her life. She's super obsessed like her entire...
1-3 of 3 Results