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  1. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hello everyone! I have a 4 year old, female, border collie who is intact. She has the most beautiful character with myself and close family but is an extremely nervous girl and dislikes all dogs, so there is absolutely no chance of her becoming pregnant. I've read that often the spaying can...
  2. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hello. I have a St Bernard girl who is 13 month old. She had her first season at 8 months. She is in her second season now. We are 9 days in. She had a water infection on her first season. She is very uncomfortable this time too and can’t fit still. Bless her. She can’t go to her doggy daycare...
  3. Cat Breeding
    As the title says really! My rescue cat gave birth early hours Sunday to 5 kittens. She’s not vaccinated or obviously spayed! She turned up on our door a week ago after being abandoned. How soon can we spay her? Dying to let her out for a wander but it’s such high risk. She’s also on...
  4. Cat Health and Nutrition
    I rant about this daily on my socials, and will continue to do so always. Here is an excellent article detailing the "whys": We need to open up spay/neuter - now! #spay #neuter #TNR #TNVR #RTF #SNR #AdoptCat...
1-4 of 4 Results