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  1. Dog Training and Behaviour
    We recently rescued a British bulldog , she was just being used for puppies and locked in a cage and kitchen all day . She is so loving loves to go for a walk is a little sensitive to other dogs but has improved over time . We have 2 cats, that are use to dogs as visitors bring their dogs and...
  2. Dog Training and Behaviour
    We have 2 male Miniature schnauzers age 10 & 1. During a 30 min / 3/4 mile walk on (separate individual) leads, typically they stop, sniff & mark every 10 yards. Sometimes even more frequently. I am pretty sure this is not normal. Or rather it has become normal because we have allowed. We are...
  3. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hoping I can get some help with this strange problem. I have brought my female dog (nearly 2) to my parents house who have a male dog slightly older. They are both mutts, both spayed, and have met before a few months ago and previously got along like a house on fire. We are staying here a...
1-3 of 3 Results