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  1. Small Animal Chat
    hi! i’m new here and i specifically created this account to ask this question. my robo hamster’s left eye is water/wet, it seems like it’s swole a bit, and she was making louder than usual popping/clicking sounds. i’m not sure if she’s sick or has pink eye, and i was wondering if anyone could...
  2. Ferrets
    Hello I’m hoping someone can give me some advice! I’m a new ferret owner (I researched them for 8 years before purchasing) and I’ve had my boys for just over a year now. My smallest boy developed a cough recently, so I took him to the vet and the vet said his heart and lungs sounded fine and...
  3. Chinchillas
    Hi, basically I just need some information/help, I have a chinchilla he’s 3 years old, and two weeks ago he got his teeth stuck and the teeth ripped out, they’re growing back but now they’re growing back in sideways (I can see two little bumps where his teeth are growing and one is like way...
1-3 of 3 Results