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  1. Dog Chat
    Hi all! I am doing some market research on dog enrichment products and wanted to see what others are currently doing for their dogs. If you wouldn’t mind taking a few a moments to answer these questions, i’d really appreciate your feedback: 1. When looking for dog enrichment products, do you...
  2. Dog Health and Nutrition
    I am doing my DT GCSE and I have made a slow-feed dog bowl. Here are some of the features of my product: Fixes certain feeding issues: The raised element of the bowl reduces stomach acid in the dog whilst eating and the dog eats slower because of the slow-feed component in the food bowl. Allows...
  3. Cat Health and Nutrition
    One of my cats has a barrage of health problems, the poor guy, I’m trying to make life as easy as possible for him obviously, and one of his issues is he eats way too fast during his morning feed, and gets sick nearly always after. The vet recommended he use a slow feeder or a puzzle feeder...
1-3 of 3 Results