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  1. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Last night, i was incredibly stupid and left out nurofen and unfortunately my kitten ate it. Woke up he was being sick 6 times in a row... I immediately called the vets and he is in there now! im so scared that he may die, but the vets said blood tests came back saying his kidneys are normal...
  2. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi I'm new to pet forums and I'm hoping someone can help me. I recently adopted a very young kitten who lost his mum, he was 2-3 weeks old when we got him. Everything was great with little Samuel Spratt (Sammy) until a few days ago when he was 7 weeks old, he started vomiting and despite a...
  3. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hello Cat Lovers, An almost two weeks old kitten got an eye infection and now it's like a big ball on its tiny head. The kitten opened that eye and i cleaned it with a warm cotton pad but it's all white!! what should i do please
  4. Cat Chat
    Hello! We have a beautiful little male cat called Gigi. He’s 4 months old. These 2 days have really been weird. He didn’t eat or drink anything, he just rests in one same position. He doesn’t like to be around us so much. We pet him and he just stands up and goes somewhere else. He also threw up...
  5. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Sorry for the long post, but this is my first post and I feel it is best to give the details up front - apologies if it is TMI! One of my two little kittens (supposedly from the same litter but we have our suspicions) has always been on the small side compared to the other. He has been through...
1-6 of 6 Results