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  1. Small Animal Chat
    I have a Russian dwarf hamster that is 15 month old right now. About 2 month ago I realized that there were a few drops of blood coming out from where she pees, I was worried if she was sick or something, but she seems to be fine. She still eats, sleeps and exercise normally and it doesn’t seems...
  2. Small Animal Chat
    Hi, I have come to this forum, to hopefully get some answers to what is wrong with my hamster. My girlfriend and I bought a ~4 weeks old hamster from the pet shop about a week ago. She (the hamster) haven't been super social and have been hiding inside her wooden house - Which makes sense...
  3. Rodents
    So, 2 weeks ago I was at the emergency vets with my Syrian, Dave. Turns out he had a cold & was prescribed with 5 days of antibiotics & was given an anti-inflammatory. He started improving & it was like he became his normal self again. He had a checkup on the following Saturday & the vet was...
1-4 of 4 Results