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  1. Poultry Chat
    Hi all! I'm a new duck mum after rescuing a mallard duckling from a water drain (vets wouldn't take it in because of the bird flu). We have been doing our research into caring for ducks and have bought a friend so it's not lonely. Our Indian runner is 7 weeks old but we are unsure of the age of...
  2. Rodents
    Hi all, please can you help with my 6/7 week old gerbil… boy or girl?
  3. Cat Chat
    I honestly can’t tell if my new 12 week old kitten is make or female. Please help!
  4. Cat Breeding
    Hi guys! Any help would be appreciated ☺️ This little one is a 5 week old Tabby.
  5. Cat Breeding
    Hello please could someone help sex our five kittens! We think they are all the same but can’t tell which way.....
  6. Rabbits
    Hi ‍♀️ I have a litter of 5 baby mini lops who are 5 weeks old friday and absolutely gorgeous. Obviously when they are 8 weeks old I will be needing to find them new homes. I’ve been trying to study the genital areas so I can sex them myself but to be honest they all look the same. I know it’s...
  7. Small Animal Chat
    Hi all, I am completely new to this sexing process, and would like some assistance determining the sex of the two baby pigs I have. I am under the impression they are both males, however they are now three weeks old and I do not want to have any more baby pigs show up! :D:D:D
  8. Snakes
    Hi there! Hoping some of you experienced reptile keepers can help me with my little query! My corn snake, Crowley, is now just over a year old. When I bought the little guy, they were only a few weeks old and unsexed. I have come to understand one cannot usually tell male and female from sight...
  9. Bird Chat
    Hi can anyone say if this is male ir femaie it's approx 9 weeks
  10. Cat Breeding
    It’s so hard to name a cat when you don’t know it’s sex so I would really appreciate anyone’s opinion. Many thanks
  11. Cat Chat
    So I've recently found a kitten outside my home and I was wondering if you guys could help me determine the gender. I'm not sure of it's age but I assume it's around 5 weeks? I'm pretty new to this and it all looked the same to me when looking at the pictures.
  12. Cat Chat
    Hi can I get some help sexing these 3 kittens please? Thanks
  13. Cat Health and Nutrition
    hi. Could anyone help me pinpoint whether this is a girl or boy, spayed or neutered? I’m thinking a boy... not sure about neutered or not. Picture of face made me think either the cat is young or neutered as they don’t look tomcat like? Thanks!
  14. Cat Chat
    Jess is 5 years old and we always thought she was a girl. However I think she might be a boy. I took a picture! Please wife thinks she is a girl and the balls are just because she is in week. Please help, Jacob
1-14 of 14 Results