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  1. General Chat
    was just going through looking for a Scottish fold and i found this guys. do you guys know them
  2. Cat Breeding
    Hello, I have a solid blue scottish fold male (the dad is solid blue British shorthair and the mom is a blue Scottish fold) and a gold female scottish straight (dad is a gold scottish straight and mom is a silver chinchilla scottish fold) My question is what color would the kittens be if I...
  3. Cat Breeding
    Hello there - long-time reader first-time poster. I've been reading about osteochondrodysplasia in Scottish Folds and how awful and debilitating this can be for Scottish Folds in their later life, and I've been wondering if Folds born to a Fold parents (one with straight ears and one with...
  4. Cat Breeding
    Is it necessary for a breeder/cattery to genetically test their Scottish Straights for a hidden fold gene before using them to breed with a Scottish Fold? Edit: If you are a breeder who does so, if you wouldn't mind sharing the name of your cattery.
  5. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi Guys, This is my first post so hoping I can get some advice. I currently have 2 kittens, Onix (7 month old British shorthair male) and Mao Mao (1.5yrs old Scottish Straight female). We homed Mao Mao in June and then homed Onix in August. Recently they have really started to get along...
1-5 of 5 Results