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  1. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. We have a mini schnauzer, aged 1 year 9 months who is becoming somewhat of a nightmare. For context, we also have a 4 month-old baby who came along when the dog was 1 year 5 months. He has been great with her, very protective and loving, no issues directly...
  2. Dog Training and Behaviour
    I'm posting very cautious and anxious of judgement but really need some solid advice on how to deal with the situation I've found myself in. After long careful thought we decided to get a puppy and both my husband and I adore german shepherd's, so she was a much longed for puppy, and myself am a...
  3. Dog Breeding
    Hello all! Beginner here, so I apologize if these are dumb questions. My family has been a breeder of pureblood collies over the years, but for have also owned many giant and standard schnauzers as well. So that's the context of my knowledge and curiosity. I've been looking in to "Schnu"s...
  4. Dog Breeding
    Hi all, We are looking for a border collie crossed with a schnauzer (a border Schnollie) as a family pet. Does anyone know of a breeder of these in the UK? Thanks Lizzy
  5. Dog Rescue and Adoption
    TO OWNERS WHO NEED TO REHOME: If you feel you have to rehome your beloved Schnauzer because of your ill health, or a change in circumstances, these groups are here to help. They are linked to many groups (including MAS) and clubs, which are full of crazy, mad about Schnauzers forever loving...
  6. Img 0708

    I did have four, have lost my Monty now, but still have the three girls. Monty is on the left.
  7. Archie My Miniature Schnauzer

    My Miniature Schnauzer Archie
  8. My Millie

    Millie age nearly 5 months
  9. Cheeky Face.

    Buffy at 6 months.
  10. Buffy

    6 months old.
  11. My Babies

    Bella 1 year old Jack Russell cross and Maisie 5 year old miniature Shnauzer
  12. Sweepy

    Here he is giving me his soppy eyes so he can have a little of my dinner
  13. Sweepy As A Puppy

    Cute fuzzy head baby, at 14 weeks
  14. Sweepy As Adult & As Pup

    Very photogenic dog i feel hehe
  15. My Boys

    Hi From Eddie :)
  16. My Boys

    Hi From Bernie :)
  17. Beaded Schnauzer

    here is a couple of photos of the beaded schnauzer I made. It's completely three dimensional.
  18. Beaded Schnauzer

    here is a couple of photos of the beaded schnauzer I made. It's completely three dimensional.
1-20 of 20 Results