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  1. Rainbow Bridge
    I'm sitting here at my kitchen table crying my eyes out for my sweet girl DOT. Not very manly I know but I am utterly heartbroken. Dot is only 2years and 10 months old. She is the most gorgeous golden retriever in the world(im biased I know) 10 days ago my world fell apart she was sick not...
  2. Dog Photo Galleries
    Search tashstalismans on etsy and you'll find it there. Thanks, Natasha :)
  3. Dog Breeding
    Hi! I was hoping that someone with a bit more knowledge than me may be able to give some advice on where in the UK there may be a reputable and trustworthy breeder of golden cocker retrievers? These dogs are popular in the US but not so much here it seems, which is quite odd. Anyway, any advice...
  4. Dog Chat
    so the people I got her from said her mom was a golden retriever and her dad is unknown. what do you think? Tell me if you need more pictures.
  5. Ruby

  6. Chester Cooling Down

    Chester the Golden Retriever loves water - even the muddy stuff ! Original image on
  7. Buddy

    A 12 year old labrador. He loves it when his photo is taken, as soon as a camera/phone is aimed at him he sits like that and stares. He has a heart condition and has to take medication daily. He is lucky to be alive.
  8. Image

    Elsie my golden retriever born 2/3/14
  9. Image 200707

    Puppy golden retriever
1-17 of 48 Results