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  1. Spiders and Inverts
    Hi, My kids got 2 nymph stick insects each off my daughters friend at the end of October, so a total of 4. One of my sons has changed to a red colour with black legs. I can't find anything about completely red Indian stick insects anywhere on the internet so I was hoping someone here may know...
  2. Small Animal Chat
    Hello, I've had my hamster about 7 month ans shes about 10-11 month now, i took her out last night to put her in her ball and change her bedding etc. i noticed one of her eyes looks like the fur around it was damp/wet, maybe a little red too?. She has also started sneezing as i haven't used...
  3. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hello everybody, This is my cat. For a few months now she has redness in the corner of her eye. It has not gone and she keeps on licking some sort of goo off her eye but it comes back, I feel like she has an infection. Any advice would be helpful. P.s. I cannot afford to take her to the vet...
  4. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. My dog who is a 3 year husky/rottweiler has a sore back paw. He licks it alot but it doesn't seem to have any pain from it. It's been like this for about a month now and is getting worse. I have been to vet before and they said to keep an eye on it but not any...
  5. Leo In The Snow

    Maine coon Leo (Loncoon Red Hotshot) enjoying the snow
  6. Sasha2011

    Sasha is a red healer (Australlian cattle dog) x terrier
  7. Sasha2011

    Sasha is a red healer (Australlian cattle dog) x terrier
  8. Sasha2011

    Sasha is a red healer (Australlian cattle dog) x terrier
  9. "persil" Red Point Ragamuffin Short Coat

    Short coated - extra easy care, male kitten 3 weeks old
  10. Nuts

    A two month old red/cream lynx mink Ragamuffin kitten
  11. Filo

    red pointed male short coated Ragamuffin
  12. Honey

    My red smoke persian
  13. Honey

    My red smoke persian
  14. Leo At Three Months

    Leo Maine Coon exploring his new home
  15. Leo On Show

    First show
  16. Aleu Sleeping

    Aleu having a nice afternoon nap.
1-20 of 24 Results