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  1. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to dog ownership. In fact we won't bring our little whippet pup home for another two weeks, at which point he will be 10 weeks old. What I'm wondering is if you could give me some suggestions as to what to feed. He is currently on Iams dry for puppies and I'll...
  2. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi my 17 month dogo has been raw fed for around a year now but my new job is making it harder to get/store it with not having a set day off to work around. So I'm looking at putting him on a high quality kibble. Now, dry used to go through him (Harringtons) and so assume he may have a grain...
  3. Lizards
    Hello greetings, I would like that they told me their experiences with the rectiles, I find them fascinating and more with the great varieties of Lizard that I discovered that exist in this WEBSITE, but wishes to share their experiences. Thank you
  4. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hello everyone. I hope you have time to provide me some advice. My girl is currently 9 months old and she's underweight. She used to eat just about anything and a lot too! but now she just sniffs it and paws around her bowl like she's covering something bad. She would rather starve herself than...
  5. Cat Chat
    Hello everyone. I’m from the UK and I’m going to be welcoming a beautiful little girl to my family in 2019, she’ll be 4 months. I’ve researched Siberian’s and have got a pretty decent picture but I’d love some advice from you experienced owners. I realize every cat is different but I’d like...
  6. Cat Chat
    Hello all. I'm looking for advice please. Ive resisted getting my kids (early teens) a cat until now due to the factors listed below but they have sadly lost their mum and so im keen to understand from this forum if there are any breeds that would suit the below factors. I would not want the new...
1-6 of 6 Results