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  1. Ragamuffin Kittens Baby Sitting Ragdoll Kittens

    Born a month apart, the Muffins did an excellent job of "child" minding the Dolls
  2. Older Ragamuffin Kitten

    This is a Kitten from a mitted tortoiseshell mum and sealpoint tabby lynx dad.
  3. A Short Haired Ragamuffin Kitten

    With there being no Ragamuffin category, I am entering the Ragamuffin into the Ragdoll section. This is a male kitten with a classic lynx pattern in his coat. This type of kitten may get mistaken for a Snowshoe/silverlaces
  4. Female Ragdoll Kitten

    This is a photo of a three and a half month old Ragdoll kitten, dad is a seal point mum is a mid high blue bi
  5. Ragamuffin Born 16 April 08

    self/solid black Ragamuffin kitten will have green eyes
  6. Ragamuffin Kitten

    Ragamuffin kitten just getting some colour in the ears
  7. Angie The Ragamuffin

    black and white Ragamuffin, green eyes
  8. Tea Cup Kitten?

    this two week old Ragamuffin weighs in at 67 grams, while her sister is 315 grams
  9. Ragamuffin Kitten

    Mum a tortoiseshell dad a seal point
  10. Female Ragamuffin Kitten

    Black and white longer haired than normal Ragamuffin
  11. Ragamuffin Born 16 April 08

    Male bi colour one month oldish
  12. Ragamuffin Not A Ragdoll Kitten

    tortoiseshell mum seal point dad
  13. Ragamuffin Kitten

    One month old kitten
  14. "george"

  15. Husky 001

    Blue bi colour - short hair
  16. A Litter Of Muffins

    Four "white" kittens and one born with colour. Mum is a mitted tortoiseshell short coated Ragamuffin and dad is a seal point. 16 June 2008
  17. 11 Month Old Ragamuffin

    Black and white bi colour, young male
1-20 of 52 Results