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  1. Dog Chat
    My boyfriend and I have recently been looking to buy a golden retriever puppy and we found one on pets4homes from someone local. We got in contact and she send pics of puppy and I immediately felt I had seen the puppy pics before from we known dog pages I follow on Instagram. I decided to check...
  2. Dog Chat
    4 stunning puppies why is it so sad when they go to the new homes I think it's happy sad and just sad
  3. Dog Chat
    Hello everyone just signed up to this forum as I think I could do with some advice haha.. and apologies in advance if I've posted in the wrong thread. I've just bought my first dog! A 10 week old male Cavachon who'll be named Kimbap, and will be picking him up next week, exciting times! I want...
  4. Dog Rescue and Adoption
    Kindly follow us on Facebook we have available Dogs and pups for adoption
  5. Dog Breeding
    Anyone know where I can buy a Red Golden Retriever puppy from in the UK?
  6. Dog Chat
    My partner and I have been searching for quite a while for a Cavapoo puppy. We finally had an answer from a breeder after many ignored messages and phonecalls. We communicated with her via phone and Whatsapp. We were on the verge of putting down a deposit. The seller's ad had several lovely...
  7. Dog Breeding
    Is it normal to buy a puppy being told there was a endorsement to stop him from breaking under 12 months of age but that is to protect his future litter but not to worry this will be lifted at age 12 months. When I contacted the women 2 years later she tells me I need a health check done first...
  8. Dog Breeding
    hi, We are looking to get a cavalier kings Charles spaniel puppy and struggling to find a reliable breeder. We are really worried about puppy farms and not knowing the breeder. Has anyone in the north west (Cheshire) area have any recommendations? Thank you!
  9. Dog Breeding
    Hello everyone! We are looking for goldador puppies, has anyone got any or can point us in the right direction to find a breeder? Many thanks, Maddie
1-9 of 9 Results