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  1. Cat Chat
    My cat is over her due date by 2 days which to look at her it’s wouldn’t be obvious that she is pregnant but I have seen and felt moment and she has been slightly bleeding which was also mucusy this started Thursday then Friday it was quite watery again with blood and and was same the last few...
  2. Fish Keeping Chat
    So I've had a female and male Platy for a while (got a new female the other day to level it out better 1:2) and recently she got pregnant. She had 6 fry in the main community tank so I placed her in a separate tank already set up on her own as the male was getting annoying . And she's been...
  3. Cat Chat
    My 8 month old cat escaped out of the house for the afternoon. She has not been spayed and is only 8 months old. I’ve recently noticed her being a lot more vocal and needy. She doesn’t go far away from me. I also noticed her nipples looking slightly more red? Is this a normal colour for cats...
1-3 of 3 Results