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  1. Dog Training and Behaviour
    So my 5 month old lab boy will still see and poo in the house of the back door is shut. He doesn’t hold it or let us know he wants to go out. I have no idea what to do but honestly it’s infuriating. We won’t let him around the house because he just wee’s everywhere, specially coming down the stairs
  2. Dog Chat
    Hello, my puppy is now nearly 12 weeks old, I have been crate training him and he is fine with it, doesn’t cry at all and happily goes to sleep in his crate and sleeps through the night with no accidents, it’s really helping the potty training. My question is how often should he be out of the...
  3. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hi Ladies and Gents, we got a puppy about 10 days ago he is now 14 weeks old, when we brought him home we started the potty training routing outside after waking up, after a nap, after any meal or drink, and every 30 minutes or so, he was having one accident a night on the carpet or trying to...
1-3 of 3 Results