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  1. Dog Chat
    Hi everyone! I am doing a project for my GCSE Design and Technology and I need answers from a stakeholder on my issue: Keeping pets safe in hot weather. I have a list of questions I have written that shouldn't take long to answer. When referring to pet care products I mean anything you find when...
  2. Small Animal Chat
    Hi everyone! this is a heavy topic but i really feel like i need to talk about it as i haven’t been able to find anyone else discussing this! i’ve been seeing a lot of live feeding videos in the search results on youtube when looking for hamster care videos and honestly it’s gotten to the...
  3. General Chat
    I'd like to share a selection of my most recent commissions. Needle felting brings a realism to portraits...they have a 3D effect and you can feel every strand of fur. I have a fb page...little felties fibre art. I don't want this to sound like a direct sales pitch, but I am available to take on...
  4. Introductions
    Hi and happy new year Very interested in nature, flora and fauna, including the permanent members of the House Council "Cats" I also have a special tendency for bees, as I became obsessed with the world of beekeeping I am happy to join you, and I hope we can exchange many ideas and benefits
  5. Dog Chat
    Hi everyone! I am considering getting a small dog, maybe a Cocker Spaniel, Yorkie, or Cavapoochon. But I am a bit confused. I already have a pair of Lilac rabbits and I was wondering if they'll be okay with a dog. Any ideas? Thank you
  6. Animal Jobs & Working with Animals
    Hi! My name is Alfy and I have aspirations to become a Veterinary Surgeon. I am the first person in my family to be able to get into university where I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Animal Science. Coming from tough upbringings, this has been a huge achievement for me and my...
  7. Dog Classifieds
    Hey guys! My name is Michael and I’ve recently started a small dog business selling beautiful, handmade and personalised dog pamper hampers. I myself am a Labrador owner who is also very excited about our new venture! My business is called ‘Mijo’ if you could look for it on social media and my...
  8. Introductions
    Hi everyone, I made a 90 seconds film on Super 8 starring my cat who wants to be a dog. Hope you like it Enjoy! Edoardo
  9. Cat Chat
    Hey all - I need some advice desperately. My partner and I are currently in the midst of house searching. We are renters at the moment (COVID ruined my house buying plans) and we are having a lot of trouble finding somewhere pet-friendly. We've viewed about 7 or 8 buildings, and enquired...
  10. Insects , Snails and other exotic pets
    This is a very easy and a comprehensive beginner's guide to caring for adult beetles! Enjoy! Rhino Beetle :D
  11. Pet News
    I was just thinking about pets at home and was wondering if the animals stay in the store overnight alone or is someone with them. It must be so lonely for them at night.
  12. Dog Chat
    Hello everyone! I'm doing a college project on how much each different type of pet costs pet owners. I'd love some info from dog owners about their pets and how much it takes to take care of them. Many thanks!
  13. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hello there! Hope everyone is doing ok :) . I was rewatching the videos of the pups today (social distancing so can't see them in person) and noticed that the mother dog was licking the little male (coming home in 3 weeks!) a lot more than the others in pretty much every video. Anybody know...
  14. General Chat
    Hello everyone, Big thanks for them who open already my post! Let me introduce my self. I'm Arnold and I life in London. I would like to heard your frank opinion about my idea. I planning to print this Custom/Personalised Designs on custom Pet products. Prints gonna look just like this...
  15. General Chat
    PLEASE READ - " It's not only humans this horrible pandemic is effecting, It's all of the animals that are having to suffer too! " " All revenue generated is being donated to charities! "
  16. Dog Chat
    Hello! I'm currently open for commissions and I'd love to draw some cute pets. Here are my examples and prices. If you are interested, please email me at
  17. Introductions
    Hi Guys, I joined this forum because my love of animals has recently lead me to start a blog and online store. There are so many questions that need answering and I am not quite sure where to begin. I want to fill my blog with lots of helpful and insightful information. It would be great to...
  18. General Chat
    Not sure how to start this, but i feel like i need to get this off my chest and see if anyone else feels this way. I have owned animals all my life. I grew up surrounded by them and when i moved out it didn't take me long to start my own furry family. I never had anxiety or panic attacks over my...
  19. Pet News
    Someone on my FB shared this article and there's an infographic on it that I thought would be worth a share: I couldn't help but laugh at the statistic where it says about people disguising their dogs as babies to attempt...
1-19 of 79 Results