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  1. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hello, I am looking for some advice for dry cat food. My cat is a sterilised Persian and is almost 6yo. I have the choice between these brands: Royal Canin, Josera, Ownat, Purina, Bravery, Carnilove, Brit and Virbac. I was considering Royal Canin, Josera, or Virbac. Thank you for your help!
  2. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi! Applaws recently announced their senior range is going complementary. This is devastating for me as the only wet food my cat likes is the Applaws Senior Tuna & Salmon. Does anyone have any recommendations for wet foods with the same consistency? They’re very mushy, and it’s much easier for...
  3. Introductions
    Hello, recently my Persian cat has been pooing outside the litter tray, we now have to have all doors to the bathroom and bedroom etc closed. We have done nothing different and even introduced a second litter tray which he uses both when he feels like it. When we’re not looking he empties his...
  4. Cat Chat
    Hi all, Just wanted to pop over and ask 3 questions about my Persian Chinchillas hair. The hairs behind smudges ears looks "oily" and clumps together a little bit. Doesn't seem to be causing him an issue at all, but compared to the rest of the coat, it's the only area that isn't "free". Is it...
  5. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hello everyone :) Hoping everyone is having a nice night. Yesterday I noticed one of my Persian kittens (7 months old) came into my room looking a bit upset, he wasn't crying or in agony but I could tell something wasn't right. I gave him a check over and noticed he had a poo but it was...
  6. Cat Chat
    Hi All, I'm a new fur-mum to a lovely male Persian kitten called Armin. He's 6 months on the 5th November and I am in a quandary as to whether to get him altered or not. I currently rent so trying to do my best to keep the flat pee free, in time it would be lovely to get a female and have...
  7. Cat Chat
    We recently relocated from Kuwait to Jamaica and were unable to bring our two Persian cats with us when we left. They are now in a position to travel but need somewhere to stay in the UK. They are young cats, brother and sister (Jordi and Shakira), house trained house cats and super...
  8. Cat Classifieds
    EDIT: Mikhail has found a home. Thanks! Pet Breed : Persian / Silver tipped Chinchilla Advert Type : Adoption Location : Leicester Pets Current Age : 6 Years 7 Months Microchipped : Yes Neutered : Yes Vaccinations Up to Date : Yes We have a Pedigree Persian, silver-tipped, white...
  9. Cat Breeding
    good morning everybody Iam a new member Found your forum whilst searching online for a stud for out beutifull Persian chinchilla Not ready yet as she is young but in the near future we would like one litter Iam in Scotland and there seems to be no studs available , Infact it seems that this...
  10. Muschi

    The Lady Muschi Fluffington, my pride and joy. She's white with grey/choc colour points.
  11. Alfie

    Alfie, aka Alf,aka Alfred, aka Alfie Bear, aka Teddy. He's a persian with a hint if tiffanie.
  12. My Beautiful Girl

    This is my bridie she came to me knotted and dirty - unwanted. i love her :o)
  13. Sandy

    Sandy the ginger persian
  14. Sandy

    Sandy, the ginger persian from Tasmania, Australia
  15. Sandy

    Sandy, the ginger persian from Tasmania, Australia
  16. Oliver And Alice

    Two lovely persians (shaved for their favourite cat sitter)
  17. Alice Having A Nap

    Alice is a little old lady cat having a nap on her favourite windowsill
  18. Oliver The Lion

    Oliver pretending to be a lion ROOOoaoaoorrrrrrr!
  19. Sweet Dreaming

    Bindi and RonRon sleeping together how sweet!
  20. Sweet Dreaming

    Bindi and RonRon sleeping together how sweet!
1-20 of 36 Results