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  1. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Or is it only puppies? I remember being told once over 5 years the dog doesn’t need vaccines other than a kennel cough booster if it’ll be around other dogs.
  2. Dog Chat
    When I got my puppy at 8 weeks he had been given his first set of vaccinations, DHP and lepto2. When I booked him in for his second vaccinations my vet said in this area (South West UK) they do lepto4 so he would need his second DHP vaccination and his first lepto4 jab, he would then have to go...
  3. Dog Health and Nutrition
    I work at a shelter which we sometimes deal with parvo pups. I was wondering because I work there what are the chances of my dogs getting parvo, im very paranoid that I might have parvo on me and infect them even though I take the steps of covering my self up when i clean the pups cages What...
  4. Dog Chat
    Hiya I have an almost 14 week old Boston Terrier puppy. The breeder had given her her parvovirus injection but not a full first vaccine. We then gave her her first full vaccine on 25/03/19 and she’s due her second full vaccine 22/04/19. Up until now we’ve been carrying her outside to socialize...
  5. Dog Health and Nutrition
    I am getting a dog and I live in a large apartment complex where other animals are living as well. My puppy will be 8 weeks old when I bring him home and will have only had one of his parvo shots. I have heard time and time again that puppy pads are very negative and teaching a dog to potty...
  6. Dog Chat
    I was informed at pups second vaccinations that there is a further vaccination that can be given at 16 weeks for Parvo. The vet said we are not in a high risk area but it is recommended for Black and Tan dogs and the such. Now I don’t know wether he meant singularly or like Rottweilers. Has...
1-6 of 6 Results