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  1. Bird Chat
    Hi! Three weeks ago I got two new parrotlets (Forpus coelestis) named Taro and Milow. Milow was a cripple: he had one leg that was standing out a bit, which caused him to be unable to fly, climb, or walk well. He had a special stick that was his stick which he used to get some more grip and...
  2. Bird Breeding
    Hi, Does anyone know anyone who breeds parrotlets in the Manchester area? Willing to branch out to nearby areas - please and thank you! :)
  3. Bird Chat
    Just realised I last posted in 2007!! that was when I had just had my Cocker Spaniel pts, since then I have had quite a few pets, the last one being my own horse who again, I had to have PTS last June. So, last November we bought our first Parrotlet - she is called Pixie and she is soooo lovely...
1-3 of 3 Results